What are CONCERT Portfolios?

CONCERT Portfolios are investment platforms to be introduced by Ferrell Capital Management in the near future (2018 timeframe).

CONCERT Portfolios apply the powerful Risk-based CONCERT optimization model to custom, Investor-specified portfolios. They measure and allocate market risk, to ensure portfolio safety and optimize return.

Individual Investors define the mix of securities to be included in the custom CONCERT Portfolio, and the CONCERT algorithms optimize the allocations to each portfolio component every 24 hours.  The Investor specifies "what" and CONCERT computes "how much" of each component should be in the portfolio to optimize performance and prevent loss on a continuous basis.

At any time, an Investor can add or delete fund components.

Future extensions of CONCERT Portfolio are being considered that will provide recommendations for portfolio tuning based on applying artificial intelligence algorithms to databases of security characteristics and Investor preferences.