Our ValueS

Our products and services replace a static approach of forecasting the future with a dynamic approach which monitors and manages investment exposures daily. Professional equity in the enterprise, faith in the concept, and dedication to blue-chip professional values are the soul of our enterprise.

The Ferrell Capital culture is a built on a foundation of values that we are committed to upholding in everything we do.

Our Core Values

We demand the highest standards of ourselves and from all with whom we conduct business.

Client Commitment
We are committed to building and retaining a blue chip client base by focusing on investment performance and responsiveness to client needs.

Professional Standards
We encourage every member of our team to use all of their talents to benefit the firm, its clients, and their own professional growth. Professional respect and trust permeates our firm.

Intellectual Honesty
We encourage and nurture objectivity, curiosity, and freedom of thought and expression. Every decision is made on the basis of fairness and objective validity.

Entrepreneurial Work Ethic
We are dedicated to building our business through hard work, innovation and flexibility. Our business demands continuing education to enable our firm to always remain abreast of the marketplace and to anticipate change.

We understand the risks and freedoms associated with private ownership and thrive on the right of self-determination. Member interests of Ferrell Capital can only be owned by active employees.