William G. Ferrell
Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Starting on the trading floor at First National City Bank in January 1973, William Ferrell has been trading securities and derivatives and managing traders for over four decades. Mr. Ferrell came to New York with a B.A. in Economics and History from Hampden-Sydney College and a five year game plan that evolved into a life-long career in financial risk management. After 11 years at Citibank as a trader, underwriter, salesman and financial engineer, Bill joined Kidder Peabody & Co. as the manager of the Municipal Securities Group and as the youngest member of the Board of Directors. While managing one of the three largest trading operations in the industry, Mr. Ferrell participated in the firm’s management process as a member of the Operating and Inventory (capital and risk allocation) Committees, and ultimately the Management Committee of the firm.

In 1988, Mr. Ferrell founded Ferrell Capital Management to offer risk consulting and risk managed investments to large, money center banks. Solving capital and risk allocation issues for financial institutions has resulted in the development of a comprehensive tool kit of methodologies and measurement algorithms. He pioneered the concept of managing investment accounts to target volatility levels and has created proprietary methodologies for allocating investment capital. From 2000 through 2011, he was the Chief Investment Officer for a fund of over one hundred hedge funds, providing an opportunity to work with many of the world’s finest money managers.

Today, Ferrell Capital stands out as an investment manager with a unique set of tools and applications to manage assets for traditional investors. Utilizing the powerful advantage of Artificial Intelligence to manage market exposures, he has designed the CONCERT AI strategies.  Mr. Ferrell has published numerous articles on portfolio performance optimization. He regularly speaks before major investment firms and institutional investors on ETFs and risk allocation/management and the employment of Artificial Intelligence in the investment industry.

Mr. Ferrell is an avid sportsman and musician. In addition to serving as a trustee at his alma mater, he has been involved with the Greenwich Roundtable and the Economic Club of New York as well as several philanthropic organizations, including the Advisory Board of Outward Bound, and the Session of The First Presbyterian Church of Greenwich.


Telephone: +001 (203) 862-9500



Peter C. Pierce
Chief Operating Officer

Peter C. Pierce is the Chief Operating Officer at Ferrell Capital Management responsible for the execution of the investments for CONCERT AI strategies.

Mr. Pierce brings four decades of experience offering strategic and tactical research and third-party marketing services to early stage technology and financial service firms.

Peter's experience includes partnering with experts in the futures industry, launching hedge fund programs utilizing Behavioral Finance methodologies, and consulting related to Neural Stock Index Trading Programs  – combining big data and predictive analytics.

Mr. Pierce is the founder and Chief Financial Officer of Atlantic Venture Management.

Peter is the founder and editor of AVMAdvisor, a U.S. Equity market trend identification and fundamental research service.



Craig W. Schulenberg
Chief Technology Architect

Mr. Schulenberg is the Chief Technology Architect for Ferrell Capital Management.  He has designed the Artificial Intelligence platform for CONCERT AI.

Craig has contributed as a Consultant, Computer Scientist and Principal Member of Technical Staff for a number of software and aerospace firms, including Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, MRI Technologies, China Lake Naval Weapons Center, IBM Federal Systems Division, Intermetrics, Inc., and TRW Systems.

Mr. Schulenberg has designed and developed compilers and well as flight software for spacecraft ranging from Project Apollo to the Shuttle, and is now involved with the Space Launch System program.  Craig received the Silver Snoopy Award (pictured above) from NASA astronauts for technological achievement which promoted their safety in space.

In 2000, Mr. Schulenberg initiated development of an innovative and highly accurate stock trading system based on physics principles from thermodynamics which have been proven to accurately model market behavior.

This model utilizes Artificial Intelligence methods, is a Neural Net based Expert System, and is the heart of CONCERT AI.

To review Mr. Schulenberg's detailed CV, please click here.



John W. Baxter
Chief Information Technology Officer

Mr. Baxter is the Chief Information Technology Officer for Ferrell Capital Management. He has contributed to software design, development and test projects since the 1970s in medical electronics and broadband communications for SmithKline, Moberg Medical, Motorola, SeaChange, Xfinity and a broad range of consulting clients.

Mr. Baxter specializes in development and test of the User Experience for embedded and web-based software systems, as well as web and multimedia production.

John has created Ferrell Capital’s website and contributes to media creation, and will continue to develop social media outlets to broaden awareness for CONCERT AI strategies and future ETFs.


Ferrell Capital Management Advisory Board

The Ferrell Capital Management Advisory Board, consisting of former Principals, Clients and friends of the court is currently in formation.