Our Mission

We address the fundamental investor needs to protect principal and participate in economic growth. Markets, like music, are in constant motion. Static pictures of investment portfolios and benchmarks cannot compete with investments that stay in tune with changing risks and investment opportunities. Our passion is to create sustainable investment portfolios with maximum reliable returns.

Our Core Competence is to minimize investor stress and maximize investment performance by replacing asset allocation with risk allocation.

Instead of relying on subjective forecasts, we believe that:

  • Risk is inherent in all investments, and should be measured and allocated intelligently.

  • Real-time price behavior is the most objective, accurate reflection of market reality.

  • “Putting Risk First” requires modifying investment exposures as market conditions change.

  • Advances in technology continue to support enhancements the CONCERT methodology.

    We trust our methods because they are intuitive, objective, rules-based and proven. We design investment products that continuously monitor live patterns of risk and return, and adapt CONCERT exposures as the future unfolds.