Why CONCERT Artificial Intelligence?

CONCERT AI investment strategies are designed to:

  • Protect investments from market turmoil.
  • Allocate investment risk to carefully selected assets with optimal marginal impact on risk adjusted performance.
  • Monitor markets and tactically invest daily.
  • Use Cash as an asset class for allocations when:
    • Market risk exceeds limits.
    • Marginally attractive investments are not available.


  • Keeps up with market benchmarks in rising markets.
  • Outperforms benchmarks in choppy environments.
  • Significantly outperforms benchmarks when markets decline sharply.

CONCERT AI Methodology

  • Quickly exits exposures when turmoil threatens.
    • Both volatility and price behavior factor into the decision to invest in cash.
  • Utilizes Neural Networks and Machine Learning to recognize price behavior patterns with a high degrees of forecast accuracy.
  • Proven capacity to continue to learn.
  • Not constrained by tracking error considerations.